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LLB/LLU high quality seal bearing, 4 paw design,
Cr-mo carbonrige surface Harden heat treatment , Correct engage angle,Special waterproof design,
Were through 10,000 km of riding test.
Alloy rims coating carbon
The choice of economic, beautiful, stiffer and safer. Proprietary manufacturing process to provide you the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing surface treatment of the rim.
All new design with breakaway allows the
lower arm of the boomerang to flex out
of the way upon impact. Eliminate twisting
guides or broken mounting tabs.
Lighter & special geometric design to increase 30% of the braking force, and apply to wider rims.
Stiffer, Easy control.
Effectively enhanced the rigidity of 18%.
Better feeling to handle and reduce the probability of deformation while riding.
Arm rest automatic position when you
grip in flat bar.
Push down the arm rest to enable
aerodynamics position.



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